My Grampy Art Print

my grampy (416 x 579).jpg
my grampy (416 x 579).jpg

My Grampy Art Print

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The relationship between a boy and his grandfather will touch your heart strings with this special illustrated print and poem. This print would make a great gift for your special grandfather!

He’s got white whiskers

And the top of his head shines in the sun.

My Grampy knows things

That nobody knows, no not anyone.

Told me he rode in trains

That puff up smoke.

And quarters grow in his pocket

When mom says she’s broke.

I really like it when

We go to a ballgame.

Cause Gramp knows all the players

All of them by name.

We play baseball, go fishing

And have all kinds of fun.

Yup, of all the Gramps in the world

Mine is the very best one

The print measures 12” x 16” and fits a standard frame.

Print - $10.00

Print and Colored Mat - $16.00

Mat Colors - Red, Yellow, Marine Blue, Kelly Green, Lt. Blue

Shipping is free in the USA!

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