My Grammy Art Print

my grammy (416 x 581).jpg
my grammy (416 x 581).jpg

My Grammy Art Print

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This original print and poem depict the loving relationship between a little girl and her grandmother.

We’re all Women you know

Grammy, Mom and Me.

But Grammy’s different

Like a cold day with hot tea.

Sometimes when I see her

She looks like my Mother.

And she’s always so nice

Even to my Brother.

I love to visit Grammy

Her house smells so great.

She makes bread with no wrapper

Hurry Dad, let’s not be late.

She told me her olden day stories

Talks about when she was young.

Said my Mother used to be a baby

Said it with her very own tongue.

Yup, being around Gram

Is one of the best things I do.

My Grammy, My grammy

I sure do love you

The print measures 12” x 16” and fits a standard frame.

Print - $10.00

Print and Colored Mat - $16.00

Mat colors: Red Yellow, Mauve, Marine Blue, Kelly Green, Lt. Blue

This print would make a great gift for any grandmother!!

Shipping is free in the USA.

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